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I am finally back and able to play again!! Yay
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Mysterious Locations

Myugen, Jun 2, 15 6:59 AM.
Expect the unexpected after guild missions each week in disparate hidden locations.  Where in Tyria is this!?
 photo gw318_zpsio6ar3rc.jpg

Guild Costume Contest I

Myugen, May 30, 15 10:20 AM.
Congratulations to the Guild Costume Contest finalists! Chauncey von Snuffles III would be proud.
 photo gw262_zpsi0a7ikxk.jpg


Myugen, Mar 3, 15 12:36 AM.
Successful Bay capture after a battle of attrition with our havoc crew tonight in BG borderlands.
 photo b7a21bf9-3299-4864-9c5e-4c1151d69125_zpse2mjuhgn.jpg

Heart of Thorns

Myugen, Jan 24, 15 1:52 PM.
Officially announced -- first GW2 expansion to include guild halls, maguuma jungle maps, gliders, new wvw borderland, pvp stronghold, masteries, specialization, and a new profession - Revenant.  Check out GW2 Heart of Thorns for more info!
 photo GW2-HeartOfThorns-screenshot-4.4f626f12_zpswl9udwrh-1.jpg
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