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LUX Guild News

Guild Missions Night

Myugen, Aug 27, 14 1:47 AM.
Another great night of guild missions!  We started with guild rush, hunted down 3 bounties and ended with the first ever LUX Teq run!  It was a blast.  Looking forward to many more missions with you all.
 photo 41ef2a4f-5110-493f-b253-260b8801a7bf_zpsb1c0be13.jpg

Guild WVW

sanyoshi3159, Aug 8, 14 10:07 PM.
    Saturday, August 9th will be the first (hopefully of many) guild wvw runs. This run will be a no-limits run, meaning all levels, professions, and skill levels are welcome to run with us!
    Unfortunately, one restriction applies. We will be running around as Jade Quarrians, so if your home world is not Jade Quarry, you will not be able to run with us.
    The estimated time-of-start will be 2 pm PST, 3 MST, 4 CST, and 5 EST and will last 30 minutes to an hour. Hoping for a good turn out, and hoping to learn a lot together! See you the 9th!

Escape from Lion's Arch

Myugen, Feb 26, 14 10:18 PM.
 photo 42c2dScreenshot-03-EfLA-1920x1080_zps975e0b5b.jpg

Save the Citizens

As Scarlet fills the port city with lethal miasma, your priority is clear: you must join forces with the Lionguard to evacuate as many of the citizens and merchants of Lion’s Arch as possible. From the great Commodore Lawson Marriner down to the smallest child, people are the most precious resources of Lion’s Arch.

 photo 71801Screenshot-05-EfLA-1920x1080_zps76a42198.jpg

Relocate Refugees

Tyria’s three orders, the Durmand Priory, the Vigil, and the Order of Whispers, have joined with the Lionguard to set up temporary shelters to house the city’s refugees. Visit these camps to talk with refugees and ensure the safety of the fleeing citizens. The Vigil Keep has become an impromptu service hub; head there to find relocated Lion’s Arch vendors.

 photo 3d02bScreenshot-06-EfLA-1920x1080_zps555bd15b.jpg

Claim Your Rewards

As you help citizens flee Lion’s Arch, gather up lost belongings and return them to refugees in the camps. Collect supplies from your foes, which you can use to craft new back items. More rewards await those who come to the defense of Lion’s Arch, from new utility feasts to endless quaggan tonics! The more citizens you save, the higher your reward level – the most effective defenders even have a rare chance at rewards from past releases!

 photo df835Screenshot-07-EfLA-1920x1080_zpsfe96dca4.jpg

The Origins of Madness

Rasberyl, Jan 30, 14 8:44 AM.
The heroes of Tyria face a battle on two fronts; their beloved land is imperiled as never before. From under the sun-baked sands of Bloodtide Coast, a gigantic, three-headed jungle wurm has arisen to threaten all who come within its domain. In the mountains of Lornar’s Pass, Scarlet’s latest creation – a towering, mechanical monstrosity – is wreaking destruction.

The incessant pounding of the mysterious probes has woken up big trouble: an oversized jungle wurm with three giant heads is ravaging Bloodtide Coast! Band together with other heroes to confront and defeat the ravening threat! Be warned: this battle will challenge even the best and bravest that Tyria has to offer! Put your skills to the ultimate test in this epic encounter that will require savvy, determination, and large-scale coordination.

Scarlet’s latest masterpiece is an oversized mockery of Queen Jennah’s watchknights, a huge, twisted marionette. Seek the menace out in Lornar’s Pass, where you’ll have to coordinate attacks along five main channels and disarm the marionette before it charges and fires a lethal aethercannon. You’ll have to deal not only with the marionette itself, but with the wrath of Scarlet’s combined armies.

Rich rewards await those who protect Tyria!

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