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Myugen, Mar 3, 15 12:36 AM.
Successful Bay capture after a battle of attrition with our havoc crew tonight in BG borderlands.
LUX Havoc Crew

Heart of Thorns

Myugen, Jan 24, 15 1:52 PM.
Officially announced -- first GW2 expansion to include guild halls, maguuma jungle maps, gliders, new wvw borderland, pvp stronghold, masteries, specialization, and a new profession - Revenant.  Check out GW2 Heart of Thorns for more info!
 photo GW2-HeartOfThorns-screenshot-4.4f626f12_zpswl9udwrh-1.jpg

Tangled Paths

Myugen, Nov 20, 14 3:15 PM.
The existence of a dragon egg could change the fate of Tyria as the fight between Pact forces and the dragon’s armies rages on.
 photo ace743fa-6453-4d8e-af78-d2c019021dc7_zps5c910be6.jpg

Guild Missions Night

Myugen, Aug 27, 14 1:47 AM.
Another great night of guild missions!  We started with guild rush, hunted down 3 bounties and ended with the first ever LUX Teq run!  It was a blast.  Looking forward to many more missions with you all.
 photo 41ef2a4f-5110-493f-b253-260b8801a7bf_zpsb1c0be13.jpg
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